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0.89mm 1.52mm SGP Laminated Glass

Group Clear & Colored Laminated Glass
Min. Order 20 square meter
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Update Time 2018-09-17
Item specifics
TechniqueClear Glass, Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, Tin
Brand NameAoHong
TypeSGP Laminated Glass
CertificateISO9001:2008, BV,CCC
Glass Applicationdoor window glass partition
Deep processingtempered glass, laminated glass, reflective glass,insulated glass
Other glass we supplytinted glass,reflective glass,laminated glass, tempered glass
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The laminated glass produced by using SGP film as the intermediate film has transparency, high mechanical strength and good impact resistance. SGP is a glass type with high safety performance at present, and has high safety such as explosion-proof, bulletproof and typhoon prevention. Using ionized film。

When the laminated glass produced is stressed, there is almost no slip between the two sheets of glass. The two sheets of glass have twice the load carrying capacity of PVB laminated glass. Under the same thickness of equal load, the bending of SGP laminated glass is only 1/4 of PVB laminated glass. Laminated glass produced by SGP film has the following properties:

(1) It has high bonding ability to glass, strong tear strength and can prevent scattering when the glass breaks.

(2) It has strong protective ability, can prevent natural disasters and human damage, and has sufficient resistance to strong winds, earthquakes, violence, theft, etc.

(3) It can withstand the sudden impact of indoor personnel, prevent the glass from scattering or the whole out, and avoid indoor personnel and articles flying out.

(4), there is enough residual bearing capacity, and the whole piece will fall off when the glass breaks and then bends.

(5) SGP film has sufficient shear modulus to bend the entire section of the laminated glass, improve the bearing capacity and bending of the glass, reduce the thickness of the glass and the weight of the glass.

(6), can withstand the effects of ultraviolet light, water vapor and external climate change, long-term use will not appear yellowing discoloration.

SGP laminated glass can withstand large pressures and meet the needs of transparent observation. It can be used as submarine window and deep water peeping.