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Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden

publisher: AoHong Glass
Time: 2019-02-12

Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden

The butterfly is a beautiful and delicate creature - it is also very sensitive to climate change. So when architects design for the tropical butterfly garden in Konya, Turkey, it is vital to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the museum are maintained in a good range.

The museum has a 1600 square meter European butterfly flying area. There are about 6,000 butterfly species in the museum. In addition, the pavilion contains 98 species of tropical rainforest plants, totaling nearly 20,000.

The internal environment of Konya Butterfly Garden is always maintained at 26 degrees Celsius and the humidity needs to reach 80%. Konya is in the continental climate zone, with a large temperature difference between winter and summer, and the overall area of the pavilion is also 380,000 square meters. It is difficult to maintain a constant temperature in such a large glass-covered building and create a tropical climate.

To this end, the architect selected the Guardian SunGuard® SNX 60/28 glass product. The product's natural light transmission reaches 60% and reflects 72% of the sun's heat - providing support for people to accurately adjust the internal temperature of the building.

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