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Performance and use of Tempered Hot Bending Glass

publisher: AoHong Glass
Time: 2018-11-04
Summary: Performance and use of tempered hot bending glass

Performance and use of Tempered Hot Bending Glass


1. Safety: When the qualified tempered glass is broken, the fragments are very small. The number of fragments in the 50mm×50mm area is not less than 40. The fragment cross section is basically perpendicular to the surface, and there is no sharp sharp corner. hurt.

2, impact strength: withstand 1040g steel ball from 1 meter high free fall impact is not broken.

3, bending strength: bending strength can reach 200Ma.

4. Optical properties: The optical properties of the glass do not change during the tempering process.

Uses: Widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, instruments, instruments and furniture.

Hot bending glass is made of high-quality glass heating and bending softening, forming in the mold, and then annealed to make the curved hot glass glass. The style is beautiful and the lines are smooth. It breaks through the unity of the flat glass and is more flexible and diverse in use. Suitable for aquarium, dining table, balcony, mobile phone counter, cosmetic counter, hot-bend TV cabinet, door, window, ceiling, curtain wall and other special requirements of different shapes. It can produce various composite hot-bend glass products such as hollow and interlayer. Tailored to customer requirements.

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