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Unique application of Suntuitive automatic dimming glass

Time: 2018-09-10
Summary: Suntuitive is one of the most popular auto-dimming glass products in the world. It is widely used in various fields, and now it has a unique use.

Unique application of Suntuitive automatic dimming glass

"Tree House Master" is a US reality show broadcast on the Animal Planet Channel. Pete Nelson is a tree house builder on the show. In the show, Nelson and his team will design and build custom tree houses according to customer requirements. The show premiered in 2013 and Suntuitive's automatic dimming glass products will appear in the 10th season.

Tom Donovan, chairman of Pleotint, said: "I am very pleased that our Suntuitive auto-dimming glass products can exhibit automatic dimming in a unique building such as the tree house. Our products are spread throughout commercial and residential buildings around the world. Its simple installation and the advantages of no wires and controls make it easy for any customer who wants to dim glass."

Suntuitive's self-adjusting glass uses a unique thermochromic technology that continuously and automatically modulates heat based on heat. In addition, the glass product can optimize natural light, reduce glare, enhance ultraviolet protection, reduce noise, provide a comfortable environment for indoor occupants, and also reduce air-conditioning usage, and achieve energy-saving and environmentally sustainable development. The installation process of the product is the same as that of ordinary windows. There is no special point and it can be applied to various buildings.

Suntuitive's automatic dimming glass products are one of the industry's innovative products with leading auto-dimming glass technology. This glass product is used in more than 25 countries. Suntuitive meets the needs of the building sector, including more natural light, occupant comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability. Suntuitive products are also available in a variety of specifications depending on the needs of the project. Suntuitive auto-dimming glass is easy to install and requires no wires, sensors or other controls, and the product can be started immediately after installation.

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