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What is The Difference Between Solar Coated Glass and photovoltaic Glass?

publisher: AoHong
Time: 2018-08-26
Summary: There are many types of glass, which play a decisive role in various industries. In addition to the insulating glass and laminated glass used to make windows and doors, we have many types of art decorations, such as hot-melt glass and embossed glass. To understand the difference between solar coated glass and photovoltaic glass, you may wish to read it.

What is The Difference Between Solar Coated Glass and photovoltaic Glass? 

Solar reflective glass is divided into low-emissivity glass or LOW-e glass for building curtain wall, or some sound-insulating and heat-insulating glass of coating layer. It is uncertain whether it refers to this part.

         Solar photovoltaic glass is a special glass that is laminated to a solar cell and can generate electricity using solar radiation and has associated current extraction devices and cables. It consists of low-iron glass, solar cells, film, back glass, and special metal wires. It seals the solar cells through a film in the middle of a piece of low-iron glass and a back glass. It is a relatively new high-tech building. Glass products. Covered with low-iron glass on the solar cell, it can ensure high solar transmittance. The tempered low-iron glass also has stronger resistance to wind pressure and the ability to withstand large variations in temperature difference between day and night.

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