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2018 World Cup: More than 30 places choose to use Asahi Glass

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Time: 2018-07-29
Summary: The 2018 World Cup is in full swing. After eight years of full preparation, this represents a great success for the host Russia and Asahi Glass Group Europe. There are 11 stadiums in the 12 stadiums that use Asahi Glass products, and some Asahi Glass products have appeared in some related facilities.

2018 World Cup: More than 30 places choose to use Asahi Glass

Any major sporting event involves thousands of people and hundreds of large construction and manufacturing companies. As part of the preparations for the World Cup in Russia, Asahi Glass Group provided its glass products to more than 30 venues specially built or remodeled for the World Cup, including 11 stadiums hosting the World Cup. All of these venues have been upgraded in accordance with FIFA's usage standards and competition requirements. Asahi Glass also assists the relevant departments in optimizing the program, so that these venues retain their local characteristics while meeting the requirements.

The opening ceremony and the finals were held at the Luzhniki National Stadium in Moscow. In order to host the event, the stadium used the Asahi Glass Clearvision series of Planibel Top N+T energy-saving glass products to completely renovate the venue. In addition, the exterior façade, interior design and VIP lounge design also use Asahi Planibel Clearvision high transparent low-iron glass to create a beautiful environment. Asahi Glass Group provided a total of 6,000 square meters of façade glass and 2000 square meters of interior walls and lounge glass for the project.

Asahi Glass Group also provided more than 100,000 square meters of glass for other venues of the World Cup, covering hotels, airports and other sports facilities, including solar control glass, energy saving glass, laminated glass, and decorative glass products.

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