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Application standards for various glass in China

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Time: 2018-05-30
Summary: How much do you know about the standard sizes of various glasses?

How much do you know about the standard sizes glass ?

Clear float glass

3--4mm clear glass, This type of glass is mainly used for picture frame surfaces.

5--6mm of glass, mainly used for exterior wall windows, doors and other small area light modeling, etc.

8mm  glass, mainly used for large screens such as indoor screens but with frame protection.

10mm glass, can be used for indoor large-scale partition, blocking rods and other decoration projects. It  can be used in the ground spring glass door and a large number of active pedestrians in the partition.

More than 15mm glass, generally less on the market, often need to order, mainly for a larger area of the floor spring glass door wall whole glass wall.

1. Tempered glass: It is a type of pre-stressed glass made of ordinary flat glass after reprocessing: Tempered glass has two major characteristics compared to ordinary flat glass:

1) The strength of the former is several times that of the latter, the tensile strength is more than 3 times that of the latter, and the impact resistance is 5 times more than the latter

2) Tempered glass is not easily broken, even if it is broken, it will be broken in the form of particles with no acute angle, and the damage to the human body will be greatly reduced.

2. Frosted glass: It is also re-sanded on ordinary flat glass. Generally, the thickness is less than 9 percent, and it is 5, 6 percent thick.

3. Sandblasted glass: The performance is basically similar to that of frosted glass. Different modified frosted sand is used for sandblasting. Because the two are visually similar, many owners and even decoration professionals confuse them.

4. Embossed glass: It is a kind of flat glass made by calendering method. Its biggest feature is that the light is not transparent, and it is mostly used in the decoration areas such as toilets.

5, wire glass: is the use of rolling method, the metal wire or metal mesh embedded in the glass plate made of a kind of impact plate glass, by the impact of the formation of only radial cracks without causing armpit injury. Therefore, it is mostly used in high-rise buildings and oscillating plants:

6. Insulating glass: It is mostly used to keep two pieces of glass at regular intervals. The space is dry air, and the surrounding area is sealed with sealing material. It is mainly used in renovation projects with sound insulation requirements.

7, laminated glass: laminated glass is generally composed of two ordinary flat glass (also can be tempered glass or other special glass) and the organic adhesive layer between the glass when destroyed, the debris is still adhered to the adhesive layer, to avoid Damage to the human body due to debris splatter, used for renovation projects with safety requirements

8, bullet-proof glass: actually is a kind of laminated glass, but the composition of the glass used more high-strength tempered glass, and the number of sandwiches is relatively more. Mostly used in renovation projects such as banks or luxury homes that require high security

9. Hot-bent glass: It is heated and softened by a glass plate in a mold. The curved glass made by annealing: In some high-end decoration, the frequency is higher and higher, and it needs to be booked.

10. Glass bricks: The production process of glass bricks is basically the same as that of flat glass. The difference is that the molding method is dry air in between, which is mostly used for decorative items or light-transmitting shapes that require thermal insulation.

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