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Types of Laminated Glass

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Time: 2018-03-30
Summary: Laminated glass generally refers to a glass product that incorporates two or more sheets of glass plus intermediate inter layers that are combined by different lamination processes.
Types of Laminated Glass

Laminated glass generally refers to a glass product that incorporates two or more sheets of glass plus intermediate interlayers that are combined by different lamination processes.

Early laminated glass was a functional product, often with a variety of films and glass composites that were bonded together after damage.

With the advancement of technology and the development of design, the types of intermediate sandwiches are also increasing.Such as various fabrics, special paper, cracked glass, natural or artificial wood, thin slate, wooden grille, etc.

The use of glass weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and sealability to achieve the purpose of protecting the inner layer, using the transparency of the glass panel, the color texture texture of the inner layer to achieve the sensory effect sought by the designer, this composite material completely exceeds the traditional Laminated glass concept.

Glass used for making laminated glass can be float glass, tempered glass, stained glass and so on. The thickness of PVB film is often 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm, so the nominal thickness of laminated glass is usually two glass thickness plus the thickness of PVB film (or other special film), such as 10.38mm (5+0.38) +5), 12.38 mm (6+0.38+6), 12.76 mm (6+0.76+6), 13.52 mm (6+1.52+6), 21.52 mm (10+1.52+10), and 24.28 mm (12+2.28) +12).

Even if the laminated glass is broken due to external force, the chips will stick to the intermediate film and will not fall and hurt people. It can ensure personal safety and is a more reliable safety glass than single tempered glass.

The ice cracked glass is a kind of  laminated glass which is generally composed of three sheets of glass adhsived by PVB film. After the middle layer of tempered glass broken , the pattern of crack patterns can be permanently clamped between the two layers of glass.

The traditional wire-bonded glass is essentially different from the laminated glass described here. It is a special glass that is processed and pressed into a semi-liquid glass during the glass production process. Wire-bonded glass has higher strength than ordinary glass, and can still maintain a fixed state due to containment of wire mesh when subjected to impact or sudden temperature change, and can play a role in insulating fire propagation, avoiding chipping and tearing, and is often used. Fireproof glass. Even if today's fire-retardant glass technology has made great progress, some countries such as Japan still use it as fireproof glass.

Clamped metal mesh glass is also a metal mesh screen. Now we see more laminated glass with two pieces of glass, metal mesh and film together. It is more used as decorative materials.

Fabric texture laminated glass are for indoor use .Glass, painting, paper, etc. are sandwiched between two sheets of glass. The combination of film and glass takes into account the effects of intense solar radiation and ultraviolet light on the interlayer color. Glass is commonly used for interior decoration, and its variety of styles and applications are all available to meet the needs of designers.

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