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What are the advantages and disadvantages of tempered frosted glass?

What are the advantages of tempered frosted glass?

Glass has excellent performance and can be used in a variety of applications. In the interior decoration, you can use stained glass and hot-melt glass, and the style is changeable. In the occasion where you need to protect personal safety, it is suitable to use safety glass such as tempered glass and laminated glass. If you need to adjust the brightness and protect privacy, you can use frosted glass and dimming. Glass, convenient and durable. Want to know the advantages and disadvantages of tempered frosted glass, as well as the manufacturing steps of frosted glass, please see below.


(1) Good sound insulation effect: When manufacturing soundproof glass, it can be made of tempered frosted glass, because tempered frosted glass has good effect on sound insulation. If tempered frosted glass is used to make soundproof glass, the soundproof glass produced will be produced. The effect is very good. In the production of soundproof glass, tempered frosted glass is often used to produce soundproof glass, but as more glass is produced, the tempered frosted glass is replaced by other products.

(2) High degree of safety: tempered frosted glass is a kind of safety glass, which is safe to use and ensures personal safety. Glass is fragile. After being subjected to external force, the glass is easily broken and it is very unsafe to use. If the glass is damaged, it also increases the cost of the user. However, if the tempered frosted glass is used, it is not only a good solution. The security problem, and the price is relatively low, and the use time is relatively long.

(3) Protection of privacy: The tempered frosted glass looks from the surface and can not see the indoor situation, giving a very fuzzy feeling, which guarantees the privacy of the room. Although it looks very vague from the surface, it looks very clear from the inside out, and it does not affect the daylighting. The indoor lighting is also very good.

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