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Ceramics were developed thousands of years ago. Why can't glass be developed?

Ceramics were developed thousands of years ago. Why can't glass be developed?

Ceramics are estimated to be unfamiliar to many people, and our life can be said to be traces of ceramics everywhere, and ceramics is also a material that was invented thousands of years ago in China, but there is a similar material glass to ceramics, and glass is also us. A material that is visible everyday in modern times, and both glass and ceramic are ubiquitous in modern times, but the Chinese have been able to make ceramics a long time ago, but why can't they create glass?

China's five thousand years of culture, and the emergence of ceramics as early as the middle of the Shang Dynasty in the 16th century BC, it can be said that the emergence of ceramics has also laid the foundation of China's ceramics, and Chinese ceramics evolved in the development of pottery, and ceramics China’s technology has been leading Europe for thousands of years, and even more than a thousand years ago, we mastered the technology of making ceramics. When China has produced very fine porcelain, Chinese porcelain was also respected by various countries at that time. .

The pottery is made of clay or clay, which is made of clay or porcelain clay. After a series of processing, it becomes porcelain. The melting point of ceramics is also above 2000 degrees, and we Chinese use clay and After the water is mixed, after the clay is softened, people are kneaded into a desired shape. After a minimum temperature of 1200 degrees, the ceramic appears, and the ceramics are high-temperature, wear-resistant, non-absorbent, etc. It is used in many areas. For example, our current mobile phone case is made of ceramic, and the bowls we use for eating every day are also ceramic, and some crafts are also ceramic.

Then someone will ask, why is there still color on the ceramic? Which color is a kind of material called glaze, the glaze on ceramic is the glass name attached to the embryo body (the body body refers to the state before the ceramic is not burned), and the raw material of the glaze is the stone or shell containing calcium. Raw materials such as synthetic materials can be applied to the embryo body by using water to make the material into a liquid. This forms the various color ceramics we usually see.

Glass is much more difficult to make than ceramics. Glass does not need clay to be fired like ceramics. Glass is formed by the fusion of various chemicals. Because it is a mixture, there is no fixed melting point. . The main raw material of glass is quartz sand, and this material needs to be melted at a high temperature of 1,700 degrees. In ancient furnaces, such high temperatures could not be burned, and the use of quartz sand also requires the addition of auxiliary materials. Quartz sand melts, and the firing of glass is not so simple. After the thing is merged into one point, people have to blow this softened glass. Only then can the glass form a container, or else it will be a glass bead.

The earliest glass in the world was made by the Egyptians, and the Egyptians were the first to master the blowing process, so each ancient country has its own technology! This is why China has not developed glass. After all, the production process of glass is too complicated, and it is very particular about the mastery of the fire. It is not surprising that China can produce glass. It is necessary to know that Europe has been in existence for more than 1,000 years. Ceramics were made before. This kind of technology is not so much. As long as it is fine, I don’t know how you think about this problem in front of the screen.

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