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What types of coated glass ?

What types of coated glass ?

According to the different characteristics of the products, coated glass can be divided into the following categories: heat reflective glass, low-emissive glass (Low-E), conductive film glass and so on.

The heat-reflecting glass is generally coated with one or more layers of a metal such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel or a compound thereof on the surface of the glass to make the product rich in color, suitable for visible light, and high in infrared light. Reflectivity, a high absorption rate for ultraviolet light, therefore, also known as solar control glass, mainly used in construction and glass curtain walls.

Low-emissivity glass is a film system consisting of a plurality of layers of silver, copper or tin or a compound thereof on the surface of the glass. The product has a high transmittance for visible light, a high reflectance for infrared rays, and good thermal insulation. Performance, mainly used in construction and transportation of vehicles, ships, etc., due to the poor strength of the film layer, generally used as insulating glass.

The conductive film glass is coated with a conductive film such as indium tin oxide on the surface of the glass, and can be used for heating, defrosting, defogging, and the like of a liquid crystal display.

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