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What is low reflection glass frosting powder?

What is low reflection glass frosting powder?

 Low-reflection glass, also known as anti-reflective glass or non-reflective glass, anti-glare glass. It is a kind of glass that special treatment of glass surface. The principle is to treat high-quality glass with single-sided or double-sided frosting and polishing process. Compared with ordinary glass, it has a lower reflectance, which reduces the reflectance of light to less than 1%, thereby reducing the interference of ambient light, improving the sharpness and energy of the picture, reducing the reflection of the screen, and making the image clearer and more realistic. Allow viewers to enjoy better visual effects. Low-reflection glass reduces the reflectivity of the glass surface by 2%, the light transmission can reach more than 80%, and the gloss can reach 60%.

        Low-reflection glass frosting powder is specially used for deep processing of photo frames, picture frames, display screens, etc. Finished product features: uniform and delicate surface, smooth hand feeling, clear light, eliminating the photo frame, picture frame and display through the refraction of light The "mirror" effect under the illumination of the light makes the picture display clear, non-reflective, and has no blinking feeling. It can be adjusted with the treatment liquid to adjust the degree of low reflection to achieve your satisfactory effect. [Finished Features] The surface is even and delicate, feel Smooth, beautiful appearance, soft light.

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