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How to distinguish between insulating glass and three-layer duplex glass

How to distinguish between insulating glass and three-layer duplex glass ?

In contrast, the three-layer duplex glass is superior to the insulating glass. The three-layer duplex glass has excellent thermal insulation properties, and it is used as a window glass to make the winter room warm and the indoor heating is not easily lost, reducing heating and air conditioning. The cost of use saves energy. In summer, air conditioning is used indoors, and air-conditioning is not easy to escape. Sound insulation performance is good, noise interference is prevented, and a quiet environment is created. In addition, in winter, even if the outdoor temperature is low, the window glass interior side It is also difficult to condense, it guarantees a clear view, and it is not necessary to clean the condensation glass frequently.

Another feature of the three-layer duplex glass is that it is much thinner than the insulating glass, which saves installation space and window frame material. At the same time, due to its good thermal insulation performance, its anti-condensation and fogging performance is also good, which can avoid condensation on the window. It can cause annoying things such as invisible location and dew soaking window sills. Winter can reduce the feeling of coldness in front of the window and the feeling of "surface wind" under the feet.

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