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What is glass brick ?

What is glass brick ?

Glass brick is applied to the outer wall: it has the entity of the wall and the transparency of the window. More light, sound insulation and fire prevention are all available. Hollow glass bricks can be used for the outer bodies of large-scale office buildings and hotels.

Glass bricks are used for partitions: glass brick walls are used to decorate the partitions, which can divide large spaces while maintaining the integrity of large spaces. This is a clever design that can bring dramatic effects, that is, to achieve privacy and maintain indoors. Transparent feeling. Isn't the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, bathroom, office space, etc. ideal for applying glass bricks?

Glass bricks are used in corridors and passages: it is used in corridors to solve the contradiction between lighting and safety. It only needs a glass brick wall with walls and windows to achieve harmonious unity. Glass brick design is used in narrow passage areas. Reducing the sense of oppression of space, the application of glass bricks in this regard is indispensable.

Glass bricks are used for inlays and embellishments: glass bricks are regularly embellished in the wall, which erases the rigid and thick feeling of the wall. It makes people feel that the whole wall is lightened, and the whole building is full of living aura. On the other hand, the wall with the application of glass bricks should be brighter than the next door, and it will not cost the ancients to "cut the wall". Make full use of the transparency of the glass bricks to bring more accidents to your home.

Glass bricks are used in ceilings and floors: the use of glass bricks to treat the ground and ceiling can not only create a crystal clear feeling for the entire floor, but also provide a good light, luxury and rich winds at a glance.

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