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What is heat strengthened glass ?

What is heat strengthened glass ?

Semi-tempered glass is also called heat strengthened glass. Semi-tempered glass is a kind of between ordinary flat glass and tempered glass. It has some advantages of tempered glass. For example, the strength is higher than that of ordinary float glass, which is twice that of ordinary float glass. At the same time, it avoids tempered glass. The flatness is poor, and it is easy to blew. Once it is destroyed, it is not as good as the overall smash. When the semi-tempered glass breaks, it is radially radial cracked along the crack source, and generally there is no tangential crack propagation, so the damage does not generally fall under normal conditions.

Semi-tempered glass is suitable for glass curtain wall and exterior window in buildings. It can be made into tempered coated glass, and its image distortion is better than tempered glass.

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