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Why is there water vapor in the middle of the double glazing and how to solve this problem?

Why is there water vapor in the middle of the double glazing and how to solve this problem?

The double glazing is composed of two or more pieces of glass sandwiched with aluminum spacers. The aluminum spacers are made of molecular sieves and the outer edges are sealed with a sealant. If it is not sealed at the time of manufacture, or if the molecular sieve is missing, the phenomenon of water vapor will occur, and it will not be wiped off when the glass is wiped off. But when the weather warms up, the fog will naturally disappear, and it will be cold. Will appear again. If it enters the dust, it will have a great impact on its lighting and aesthetics. What if there is water vapor in the middle of the double glazing?

If the double-glazed window installation process is not good, the sealant will crack and cause water vapor to enter the double-glazed window. As the temperature rises, the water vapor evaporates, and when the double-glazed window is in contact, it becomes small. The phenomenon of water droplets requires the installation of glass spacers on the double glazing. The original septum is removed, and then the upper septum is reinstalled, but special attention must be paid to the position of the spacer to ensure a certain distance, so that the edge of the glazing is kept at about 2-mm. Pay special attention to the installation of the glazing, the water can not be stained on the septum, so as not to affect the installation quality of the double glazing.

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