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Can LOW-E glass be bent?

Can LOW-E glass be bent?

Low-E glass, also known as low-emission glass, is a film-based product that is coated with multiple layers of metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass. The coating layer has high transmission of visible light and high reflection of mid-range infrared rays, and has excellent heat insulation effect and good light transmittance compared with ordinary glass and conventional architectural coated glass.

Glass is an important building material, and as the decorative requirements for buildings continue to increase, the use of glass in the construction industry is also increasing. However, when people choose the glass doors and windows of a building, in addition to considering its aesthetic and appearance characteristics, it pays more attention to the problems of heat control, cooling cost and comfortable balance of internal sunlight projection. This makes the new expensive in the coated glass family, Low-E glass, stand out and become the focus of attention.

Since the LOW-E layer will change when it is heated during bending, the LOW-E glass is generally not bent.

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