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What is the difference between frameless glass door and aluminum alloy door?

What is the difference between frameless glass door and aluminum alloy door?

The frameless glass door is different from the aluminum alloy door in that it has no consolidated border around the door leaf (glass). Frameless glass doors are generally made of 8~12MM tempered glass, and the upper and lower sides are decorated with decorative frames or directly with clips. Ground springs need to be buried on the ground. The aluminum alloy door glass is generally 5+5mm hollow tempered glass with aluminum alloy frame.

Advantages of frameless glass doors

Frameless glass doors are almost completely transparent, so they have good daylighting properties and can be used in any combination. Generally used in shopping malls, hotels, offices and other places. Compared to aluminum alloy doors, the environment has fewer restrictions, and the price is cheaper and the production cycle is faster.

Frameless glass door price

The price of frameless glass door is also calculated by square meter. Compared with aluminum alloy door, frameless glass door fittings are simple, and the price is generally about 200 yuan/square meter. Of course, this price is not included in the installation cost.

With the continuous development of the society, we have more and more requirements for the door products in our home. Rather, many friends like the frameless glass doors that are better for lighting and more beautiful.

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