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What is the heat absorbing glass?

What is the heat absorbing glass?

The endothermic glass is a flat glass that absorbs a large amount of infrared radiant energy and maintains a high visible light transmittance. There are two ways to produce endothermic glass: one is to add a certain amount of colorant with endothermic properties to the raw material of ordinary soda lime silicate glass; the other is to spray one or more layers on the surface of flat glass. Made of metal or metal oxide film.

The heat absorbing glass is gray, brown, blue, green, bronze, bronze, pink and golden. The country currently produces the first three colors of heat absorbing glass. The thickness is 4, 5, 5.5. 6MM four. The endothermic glass can be further processed into a polished, tempered, laminated or insulating glass.

The heat absorbing glass has the following characteristics compared with ordinary flat glass:

1. Absorb solar radiant heat. For example, a transparent float glass of 6 mm thickness has a total permeation heat of 84% under sunlight, and the total permeation heat of the endothermic glass under the same conditions is 60%. The color and thickness of the heat absorbing glass are different, and the degree of absorption of solar radiant heat is also different.

2. Absorb the sun's visible light, weaken the intensity of sunlight, and play an anti-glare effect.

3. Has a certain transparency and can absorb certain ultraviolet rays.

Due to the characteristics mentioned above, the heat absorbing glass has been widely used in doors and windows, exterior walls of buildings, and as a windshield for vehicles and boats, and functions as heat insulation, anti-glare, lighting, and decoration.

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