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Advantages of double-glazed curtain walls

1. Sound Insulation: The double glass curtain wall reduces the effect of outdoor noise on the interior due to the shielding effect of the skin against noise. Buildings in urban centres that are in a strong traffic noise environment are particularly suitable. At the same time, double-glazed curtain walls can still introduce natural ventilation in a noisy environment, reducing building energy consumption.

2. Insulation: In winter, the presence of the outer curtain wall enhances the thermal insulation performance of the outer protective structure. The preheating of the air between double glass curtain walls can effectively reduce the heat loss of the building surface. Moreover, due to the relatively high temperature of the inner wall, it is beneficial to the thermal comfort of the room.

3. Night ventilation cooling: In the hot summer season, the temperature inside the parasol building may be too high. The double-glazed curtain wall is not ventilated by direct opening, so it has a safety protection function, which allows the office building to use cool air at night during the office hours during the off-season to cool the room with natural ventilation.

4. Natural ventilation: A very important advantage of a double-glazed curtain wall is that natural ventilation can be allowed. Natural ventilation not only reduces air-conditioning energy consumption, but also helps to improve the comfort of the environment and enhance human health. The double-glazed curtain wall interlayer can be used as a fire protection channel. Energy saving: As the double-glazed curtain wall improves the thermal insulation performance of the building, Moreover, the parasols can naturally ventilate for a longer period of time, so that the building can fully save energy and reduce energy consumption.

The sunshade shutters of the double-glazed curtain wall are installed inside the mezzanine. Compared to the single-layer glass curtain wall shuttering method, this method is more conducive to the protection of the shutters, especially some metal shutters with complex functions and high cost, and the sun and rain will not only shorten the sun. The service life also affects its shading and reflection effects. In addition, the louvers often generate environmental noise. Designed by the famous Japanese architect Mou Wenyan, the high-tech park on the outskirts of Munich, Germany has used metal louvers. It buzzes all day in the breeze, and shutters are installed between the double-glazed curtain walls.

Due to the presence of the outer curtain wall, the wind pressure inside the building is reduced, and the use of that heat makes it possible to partially open the windows for ventilation in high-rise buildings. This alone can greatly reduce the energy consumption required for mechanical ventilation in high-rise buildings. In the architectural design, the double-glazed curtain wall uses a large area of glass to make the building highly transparent.

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