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Frosted Glass VS Sandblasted Glass
Frosted Glass VS Sandblasted Glass

Frosted glass
Frosted glass is also called frosted glass and dark glass. It is made of ordinary flat glass that is machined by mechanical sandblasting, manual grinding, or hydrofluoric acid etching to prepare the surface into a uniform surface.
Characteristics: Due to the rough surface, diffuse reflection of light, light transmission without perspective, it can make the indoor light soft and not harsh. The use of glass flakes is to ensure that the frosted glass is in closer contact with the gas collection bottle. Because the mouth of the gas cylinder is also frosted, the frosted side is also used when frosted glass is used. This collection of gases is not easy to leak.
Uses: Commonly used in bathrooms, office windows and partitions that require concealment. When using the hair should face the room. However, when using the bathroom, the rough surface should face outward.

Ice glass
Ice glass is a type of glass that uses a flat glass that is specially treated to form an unnatural ice texture. Ice glass can be made of colorless flat glass, and it can also be made from stained glass such as brown, blue, and green. Its decorative effect is better than embossed glass, giving a fresh feeling, is a new type of interior decoration glass. Can be used in hotels, restaurants and other places of doors and windows, partitions, screens and home decoration.

Sandblasted glass
Sandblasted glass is a process in which water is mixed with corundum and sprayed on the surface of the glass with high pressure to polish it. Multiple applications of indoor partitions, decorations, screens, bathrooms, furniture, doors and windows, etc., make life more beautiful and exotic.
Sandblasted glass,  is a mixture of water and corundum, which is sprayed on the glass surface with high pressure.
This is a process of grinding it. Including spray glass and sand-carved glass, it is an automatic horizontal sandblasting machine or vertical sandblasting machine to process glass into horizontal or concave patterns on the glass. It can also add color to the pattern and call it "printing "Glass", or in combination with a computer engraving machine, is deeply carved and shallow, creating a dazzling, lifelike art. Sandblasted glass uses a high-tech process to cause erosion of the surface of the flat glass, thereby forming a semi-transparent matte effect, with a sense of beauty. The performance is basically similar to the sander, but the difference is that the modified sand is sandblasted. In the decoration of the living room, it is mainly used in the area where the performance is defined but not closed. For example, between the dining room and the living room, a beautiful screen can be made of sandblasted glass.

Carved glass
As the name implies, it is to sculpt all kinds of patterns and words on the glass. The three-dimensional sense is strong. It can be made transparent and impervious. It is suitable for partitioning and styling, and can be colored and then glued.
Engraving glass is divided into artificial engraving and computer engraving. Among them, artificial carving uses the depth and turning of the slicing knife method to better show the texture of the glass and make the painted pattern give people a feeling of exhilaration. Engraving glass is a kind of decorative glass in home decoration, and the painted pattern generally has personality "creativity", reflecting the taste and pursuit of the owner of the room.

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