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How to distinguish between silver mirror and ordinary mirror ?

silver mirror is coated with silver nitrate, it is not easy to oxidize, and it is not easy to rust. 
Ordinary mirrors can replace silver nitrate with mercury nitrate or mercury sulfate to save cost, but the stability of mercury is not as good as that of silver, and it is easy to oxidize and rust.

The silver mirror is much clearer than the ordinary mirror, and the geometric reflection angle of the object light source is more standardized. Ordinary mirror reflectivity is low, ordinary mirror reflection performance is about 70%, shape and color are easy to distort, and short life, poor corrosion resistance, has been completely eliminated in Europe and the United States. However, ordinary mirrors are easy to produce on a large scale, and the cost of raw materials is relatively low.

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In addition, the quality is generally mercury, but the quality and production process are very different, high quality should be waterproof, a long time will not be distorted, ordinary time will become longer.

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