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What is the difference between neutral glass glue and acidic glass glue?

Glass glue is one of the most common glass chemical materials, and it is also the most common glass chemical material used by users. Glass glue is a commonly used adhesive for home use. Its main component is sodium silicate (Na2O·mSiO2) and It is composed of acetic acid and organic silicone. Sodium silicate is soluble in water and sticky. In the south, it is also called water glass. In the north, it is also called silicate. Glass glue is divided into two kinds according to performance: neutral glass glue and acidic glass glue, generally used for home-made bonding. So what's the difference between them? Next Xiaobian will introduce the difference between neutral glass glue and acidic glass glue. Let's take a look.

The difference between neutral glass and acidic glass glue

Neutral glass glue:

1. The de-alcoholic silicone glass adhesive is a neutral glass adhesive, and the neutral glass adhesive absorbs the moisture in the air to release the ethanol gas during the curing process;

2. The curing speed of neutral glass glue is slow, and it has strong adhesion to the bonding surface, but its ductility is weak.

Acid glass glue:

1, acid-removing silicone glass glue is acidic glass glue, acid glass glue in the curing process absorbs moisture in the air to release acetic acid gas;

2, acidic glass glue curing speed, the metal has a certain degree of corrosion.

Glass glue should be stored in a cool, dry place below 30°C. The good quality of the acidic glass adhesive can ensure the effective storage period of more than 12 months, generally the acidic glass adhesive can be stored for more than 6 months; the neutral weathering and structural adhesive can guarantee the shelf life of more than 9 months. If the bottle is opened, use it within a short period of time. If the glass is not used up, the bottle must be sealed. When it is used again, the bottle should be unscrewed to remove any clogging or replace the bottle mouth. The

Neutral glass adhesives are weaker and are generally used on the back of bathroom mirrors where they do not require strong adhesion. Neutral glass glue is used more often in the home, mainly because it does not corrode objects, and the acidic glass glue is generally used in the dull mouth of the back of the wood line, and the adhesive force is very strong.

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