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What Kinds of Safety Glass Are There?

What Kinds of Safety Glass Are There?

There are four main types of safety glass on the market: tempered glass or toughened glass, laminated glass, semi-tempered laminated glass, and tempered laminated glass.

When the tempered glass is broken, the whole glass is broken into small particles, which is not easy to hurt. In spite of this, once broken, this type of glass does not prevent the penetration of the glass impactor and falls to the ground. If the debris does not fall from a very high place, the glass fragments are small and harmless. Damage to people and property will be reduced to a minimum.

Laminated glass will firmly adhere to the transparent adhesive material without splashing or dropping in the event of fragmentation. If this type of glass is used, the full frame is added. If the impact that causes the cracking is not particularly strong, the debris will remain in the frame without splashing, and it can also wind and rain in a short time, so that the interior of the building People and things are not damaged.

Semi-tempered laminated glass is a semi-tempered laminated glass in which two sheets of semi-tempered glass are formed by sandwiching. In the case of a broken glass, the glass will be broken into chunks of the same kind as the annealed glass. But despite this, after the glass breaks, the pieces of glass will adhere firmly to the transparent adhesive material without splashing or falling. Similarly, if the glass has a full frame and the impact that causes the fracture is not very strong, the probability of a large piece of debris falling is also less.

Tempered laminated glass is a tempered laminated safety glass formed by two sheets of tempered safety glass through a sandwich. When broken, the glass will break into small obtuse particles. The debris will adhere firmly to the transparent adhesive material and will not easily hurt. However, in the case where the two pieces of glass are also broken, the entire piece of laminated glass may fall out of the frame.

In contrast, float plate glass, monolithic semi-tempered glass (heat-reinforced glass), monolithic wire-bonded glass, etc. do not belong to safety glass. When it breaks, the entire glass crack propagates from the point of attack to the edge. Radial scattered pieces, sharp pieces, easy to hurt.

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