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What is safety mirror ?

Safety Mirror; Security Mirror

There are three types of safety mirrors, one is vinyl backing mirror , the other is a tempered mirror, and the third is a tempered mirror with vinyl backing .

Vinyl mirrors use a mirror applicator to apply a plastic protective white smooth film (CAT I) or a woven wire mesh film (CAT II) on the mirror's lacquer side.When mirror breaks, the debris is not sputtered and remains adhered to the plastic film on the back of mirror to avoid injury . This vinyl security mirror is suitable for using in public areas, slide doors, furniture, and interior decoration and popular in North America, Europe, Australia And for popularity.

Tempered mirrors, tempered mirrors is mirror coated on tempered glass. The characteristic of tempered mirror is safety. After the mirror is broken, it will be like a tempered glass and will form small particles without edges and corners to avoid injury and achieve safety.

tempered vinyl mirror is as the name suggests . It is based on the tempered mirror and then with vinly safety film backing . The mirror is double secure.

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